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Ready To Wear: Spring 2023

Gown IVGown IV
Gown IV Sale price€695,00
Sold outDress IDress I
Dress I Sale price€995,00
Gown VIII Sale price€2.400,00
Gown IIIGown III
Gown III Sale price€595,00
Gown XGown X
Gown X Sale price€1.200,00
Sold outGown IXGown IX
Gown IX Sale price€1.400,00
Sold outSkirt I & Blouse ISkirt I & Blouse I
Skirt I & Blouse I Sale priceFrom €475,00
Gown V
Gown V Sale price€1.495,00
Sold outGown VIGown VI
Gown VI Sale price€950,00
Sold outGown IIGown II
Gown II Sale price€1.500,00
Suit ISuit I
Suit I Sale price€1.475,00
Dress IIDress II
Dress II Sale priceFrom €720,00
Sold outGown VIIGown VII
Gown VII Sale price€1.795,00
Suit IISuit II
Suit II Sale price€1.345,00
Gown XIGown XI
Gown XI Sale price€1.500,00
Gown XIIGown XII
Gown XII Sale price€1.600,00
Sold outTop I
Top I Sale price€499,00
Gown XIII Sale price€1.795,00
Suit IVSuit IV
Suit IV Sale price€1.300,00
Suit IIISuit III
Suit III Sale priceFrom €780,00
Sold outAntiquity T-Shirt (Unisex)Antiquity T-Shirt (Unisex)
Antiquity T-Shirt (Unisex) Sale price€75,00
Green Fairy T-Shirt (Unisex)Green Fairy T-Shirt (Unisex)
Green Fairy T-Shirt (Unisex) Sale price€75,00
Poet T-Shirt (Unisex)Poet T-Shirt (Unisex)
Poet T-Shirt (Unisex) Sale price€85,00
Sold outGhost Medallion EarringsGhost Medallion Earrings
Ghost Medallion Earrings Sale price€120,00
Fragment Ghost Medallion EarringsFragment Ghost Medallion Earrings
Fairy Medallion EarringsFairy Medallion Earrings
Fairy Medallion Earrings Sale price€130,00
Cygnus Bone EarringsCygnus Bone Earrings
Cygnus Bone Earrings Sale price€119,00
Poison Vial EarringsPoison Vial Earrings
Poison Vial Earrings Sale price€119,00
Sapphire Talisman EarringsSapphire Talisman Earrings
Sapphire Talisman Earrings Sale price€145,00
Sapphire Talisman NecklaceSapphire Talisman Necklace
Sapphire Talisman Necklace Sale price€120,00
Peridot Talisman EarringsPeridot Talisman Earrings
Peridot Talisman Earrings Sale price€195,00
Ouroboros Stud EarringsOuroboros Stud Earrings
Ouroboros Stud Earrings Sale price€85,00
Sleeping Bat EarringsSleeping Bat Earrings
Sleeping Bat Earrings Sale price€130,00
Cygnus Bone NecklaceCygnus Bone Necklace
Cygnus Bone Necklace Sale price€160,00
Antiquity ScarfAntiquity Scarf
Antiquity Scarf Sale price€139,00
Isadora ScarfIsadora Scarf
Isadora Scarf Sale price€119,00
Isadora Skinny ScarfIsadora Skinny Scarf
Isadora Skinny Scarf Sale price€82,00
Dante's Inferno ScarfDante's Inferno Scarf
Dante's Inferno Scarf Sale price€139,00
Poison Vial PendantPoison Vial Pendant
Poison Vial Pendant Sale price€110,00