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Luke Azzopardi Studio focuses on the idea of timeless elegance stemming from the creative director’s academic background in costume history. Luke Azzopardi’s methodology of fusing together powerful visuals, academic research and artisanal design is what distinguishes his work as one of Malta’s foremost fashion artists. This translates into the ethos of the maison, a self-sustainable atelier embracing concept-based fashion and beauty. The nature of the brand’s work looks to fashion as an art object. Wearable products are presented as results of investigations into art history, and studio events are designed as immersive cultural experiences. The priority of the brand is to revive the domestic couture salon that does away with the overly commercial trends within the industry, and which prioritises immaculately finished, beautifully designed bespoke clothing.

The offering of Luke Azzoprdi Studio has always been curious about the nature of the art object, and how when this interfaces with fashion, it lives through its audience. Its wearable nature generates a participative opportunity for the brand’s audience to be a part of the investigative nature of each collection. This has created a genre which is unique to the studio within the local cultural landscape, and which has positioned the brand at the receiving end of critical acclaim since its inception.

The interfacing realms of fashion- and art-making often delves into confessional themes of identity-building, cultural rites, and historic rituals, deriving fresh new narratives with which to reach out to audiences. Immersive events maximise on the narratives of each space and contribute to the complex, layered stories that they become a part of. The multi-mediatic nature of the studio’s work has created contemporary statements beyond the consumable, commercial tendencies of the fashion world, towards the layered, complex potentialities of the art object.

A Young Couturier 

After studying at Central Saint Martins (UAL) and the University of Malta (UM), creative director and founder Luke Azzopardi launched his eponymous brand. The Luke Azzopardi studio focuses on the idea of timeless elegance stemming from Luke's academic background in costume history. The creative director was awarded the prestigious 'Premio Cultura e Moda 2016' by L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the 'Fashion Designer of the Year 2018' award by LovinMalta, and has most recently been shortlisted for the award of 'Artist of the Year 2018/19' by Arts Council Malta. As a multidisciplinary designer, Azzopardi has designed large-scale national and international operatic as well as contemporary dance productions, and along with Open Square Collective, has been chosen by Arts Council Malta to design the country’s debut pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2023 (LDB). ‘Għonnella: Deconstructing the Garment’, his book on Malta’s national costume, was published by MidSea Books in 2022.


Luke Azzopardi, the atelier’s creative director, is very vocal about the mass environmental degradation of the Maltese islands and the Mediterranean Sea. The atelier uses only the highest quality fabrics in its collections and bespoke commissions, and keeps away from polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibres, all of which have been proven to be heavy contributors of marine pollution through the bioaccumulation of microplastics. Our products also make use of plastic-free lining and packaging, and function solely on the premise that as a luxury product, the Luke Azzopardi garment is intended to be passed down from generation to generation, never to be thrown away. 


It’s no secret that fashion has a waste problem, and the Luke Azzopardi atelier refuses to be complicit. 
A prime cause of this is the industry’s seasonal set up, which we are seeking to bypass by only releasing immediately purchasable, seasonless collections which aim to marry art, sustainability and longevity. 

Apart from this, we are extremely careful to order small amounts of fabric so as not to end up with excess seasonal deadstock. In order to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, we operate with an international direct-to-consumer system. Garment production takes place in our local studio as well as in family-run production houses based in India. 


The Luke Azzopardi atelier is proud to champion the slow fashion movement — upholding the highest ethical standards while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. Intended to be passed down from generation to generation, Luke Azzopardi atelier gowns are luxury heirlooms in their own right. To own one of our gowns is to actively challenge the carbon-heavy, throwaway culture which continues to plague the fashion industry and place profit over our planet.